Total Hip Replacement

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Patient profile

This 62 year old, 220-pound active male was involved in an auto accident 24 years ago and sustained a fracture-dislocation of the left hip and left femoral shaft fracture.  He developed a 40 degree flexion contractures with significant pain and stiffness about the left hip.  He also had a on- inch shortening of the left lower extremity which necessitated the use of a cane for walking.

Pre-Op diagnosis:  

Severe post-traumatic arthritis of the left hip with shortening of the extremity

Surgical Procedure: 

Total hip replacement and left lower extremity lengthening


Buechel-Pappas modular total hip replacement

Surgical Outcome: 

Three months post-operatively, the patient was pain free and walking independently without a cane.  His leg lengths were equalized and his hip replacement has functioned well since he underwent the hip replacement surgery in 1992. 

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