Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement
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Patient profile

This 20-year old, extremely active man was injured in a motor vehicle accident in which he sustained an open fracture of the lateral femoral condyle.  He suffered severe loss of the bone from the femur (lateral femoral condyle) in which 3/4 of the femoral condyle was missing with only the tibial-spine portion intact.  He had a severe limp and his knee could not be stabilized in a brace.

Pre-operative diagnosis:  

Left lateral femoral condylar deficiency secondary to direct trauma with loss of the lateral femoral condyle

Surgical treatment: 

Unicompartmental knee replacement

Implant (prosthesis):  

New Jersey LCS™  uni-compartmental knee replacement

Surgical Outcome: 

After five months the patient walked unlimited distances without a limp and with no deformity.  He has been involved in sporting activities including jet skiing and karate.  He remains pain free with normal knee function over the past 16 years.

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